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Parabolan 100 – BioTekk

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BioTekk Parabolan 100mg/ml
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 100mg/ml
10ml Multidose Vial


BioTekk – Parabolan 100 (100mg/ml)

Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) represents the dominant large ester based Trenbolone compound on the market. It was first released by the France based Negma Laboratories in the late 1960’s under the trade name Parabolan. This represents the first and only Trenbolone hormone to ever exist in human grade form. Parabolan wasprescribed for many years in cases of malnutrition, which will make a lot of sense as we dive into the compound. It was also prescribed to treat osteoporosis in some cases, as well as in the treatment of cachexia. However, in 1997 Negma would pull Parabolan from the market. As the first human grade pharmaceutical Trenbolone compound, it was also the last.

Parabolan is very similar to the more popular Trenbolone Acetate (Fina) compound. The only difference is the ester attached, as Parabolan will provide a much slower release of Trenbolone requiring fewer injections. The functional traits and characteristics of the Trenbolone hormone do not change based on the attached ester.

As it is no longer prescribed the Trenbolone hormone is predominantly found in performance enhancing circles. It is one of the most powerful steroids on the market carrying tremendous versatility.

For the Trenbolone hormone to exist, the Nandrolone hormone has an added double bond at carbon positions 9 and 11. This greatly increases the hormones androgen binding affinity and inhibits the hormone from aromatizing. Parabolan carries no aromatizing nature. This slight modification also slows down the metabolism of the hormone resulting in a far more potent anabolic and androgenic nature than Nandrolone, far beyond testosterone as well.


What You Need To Know:

Active Half Life: 5 – 7 days Classification: Anabolic steroid Dosage: Men 200 – 600 mg/week

ACNE: Rarely

Water Retention: Yes
HBR: Possibly
Hepatoxity: Yes Aromatisation: No
Active Substance: Trenbolone Manufacturer: BioTek