Anabol 10


Anabol 10 (Dianabol/Methandienone) by British Dispensary

500 tablets * 10mg


Anabol is one of the Dianabol brand names and is manufactured by British Dispensary. It is available in 10mg tablets with active substance Methandrostenolone.

The reasons why Dianabol is so popular is quite few. First, it is oral steroid and that is why Dianabol is very appealing to first time inexperienced steroid users and those who don’t want to use injections. Second, Dianabol is widely available and has reasonable prices compared to other steroids. And third, this is the most important reason is that Dianabol is very effective in causing strenght and muscle gains. Because Dianabol has quite short half life, users are advised to split daily dosage through the entire day. This is not difficult thing to do, due to the various dosages of tablets available (5mg, 10mg, 15mg). Some bodybuilders practise method to consume all daily dosage before workout. This way the benefits of Dianabol are suppose to be greater in providing better performance in the gym. This method is used only by expirienced Dianabol users.

Dbol Stacks

If you are new to Dbol and you want to try some powerful, effective Dbol stacks, you have come to the right place. No matter which of the following stacks you choose, be sure to incorporate aromatase inhibitors and a testosterone supplement in order to negate the potential effects of too little testosterone or too much estrogen in your body – two common issues when taking anabolic steroids.